Meta AI Research, in partnership with GelSight Inc., invites proposals from universities and research organizations interested in using the high-resolution tactile sensor DIGIT to accelerate research, drive open source development, and contribute to the open source community. 28 fully assembled DIGIT will be made available to researchers that will make rigorous and creative use of the sensor in existing or planned research projects.

By making the DIGIT available to the scientific community, Meta AI aims at the following objectives:

Proposals will be evaluated based on their scientific merit and potential impact. Universities and research organizations with limited financial means and/or from developing countries will be prioritized.

It is our hope that the DIGIT platform will focus attention on the importance of touch as a sensing modality (similarly to computer vision and speech recognition) and foster the development of new touch-based robotics systems, tools and applications in a spirit of scientific collaboration and open-source community.

Important Dates:

Submission Form:

To submit your application fill the form available Here.


Residents of the following countries are not allowed to participate: Cuba, Syria, Iran, Russia, Crimea (region of Ukraine), Donetsk (region of Ukraine), Luhansk (region of Ukraine), Belarus, Iraq, Sudan and North Korea. Terms and conditions are available at